If You Love the Images, Get Prints! Nina Drapacz Photography

What would happen if one day electronic data becomes corrupted, hard drives crash, or DVD's are lost? All those memories would be gone forever. I worry our digital history will disappear or that future generations will no longer be able to access it due to the changing technology. Having our images in prints is crucial to saving our history for generations to come. When our children have children of their own they will want to see photographs of themselves growing up as we did. I strongly recommend printing all images, even the ones on smartphones. Think of how we love to look at images of ourselves as children and the treasures most of us have of our lives and special moments.

Printed photography is the only way we can preserve pictorial history. As a photographer and a parent I urge everyone to print, make albums, have physical documentation of the special moments that have been captured. Many of my clients buy the DVD of all the images of the session and year after year they do not have any of the images printed. DVD's last only a finite amount of time. Our computers and hard drives can not be trusted to last forever, nor are the jpegs we relie upon to serve as our memories.