Personal Favorite Newborn Images from Newborns Under 48 Hours. Nina Drapacz Photography

Photographing in three different hosptials, Cornell, Mt. Sinai East and Mt. Sinai West, I try to capture brand new babies as artisictally as I can which can take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour depending on the baby. I feel these images are a good summary of my work in just a month, toggling between hosptials and rooms. These sessions afford me the opportunity to meet so many different families and to turn my creative energy to wonderful portraits documenting a very emotional time for everyone. The dad with the twins chose a pink shirt to take his twins babygirls home this day!

The birth stories I hear as well as the coaching I give the new parents on how to soothe their babies and even swaddle them correctly gives me the pleasure of sharing what I know from being a mom as well as reminding me of my own experiences as a new mom hours after my baby was born. With each session, I gain new perspectives and learn more about newborns and their parents and how unique each family is.