More from Storm King in the Hamptons! Nina Drapacz Photography

I needed to add these images as I was burning memory sticks for the family. It was such an awesome shoot combining the gorgeous backdrops with the art and the family.

Fall Photography with an Amazing Girl. Nina Drapacz Photography

She and her mom came with a small suitcase of clothing- all perfect choices! She was such a delight. She was excited to be photographed, which is a gift to a photographer. Her energetic fun personality allowed me to capture wonderful moments throughout the entire shoot.dan7 dan8 dan dan2 dan3 dan4 dan6

The All Important Yearbook Page! Nina Drapacz Photography

I had a great time working with this handsome and intelligent senior. He knew exactly what he wanted and chose the best images to represent who he is for the yearbook. High school yearbooks are books we keep forever and refer to many times to see ourselves and our friends from that time in our lives. It is the transitional time between childhood and adulthood. When I was in high school we had no choice but to use an image taken by the "school photographer." Usually it was the same kind of pose for everyone and absolutely said nothing about who we were. Seniors now have a choice!vad vad2 vad3

End of the Summer Hamptons Shoot by Nina Drapacz Photography

Last week of August and the last minutes of warm glowing sunlight..tweens are the best! They love to be photographed!  This young grandmother was a lovely lively addition to this perfect photo shoot!git git2 git3 git

Four Tweens and a Perfect Day for a Pool Session in Connecticut by Nina Drapacz Photography

Two sets of twin  tween siblings! My eighth year photographing them. I love seeing them each year, the oldest twins are just about my height now. Next year they will be taller and I will be standing on a step stool! jumpcha gra kat le

Behind Every Successful Business is a Great Image! Make Your Website and Profile Photographs Outstanding with Nina Drapacz Photography

Image is everything! Update your profile image for LinkedIn, make your business website stand out with polished  photographs of all employees or consider an eye catching look for personal branding... Visuals are crucial to success in our media laden world and the best place to start is the perfect portrait! copy

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Corporate Portraits for Websites by Nina Drapacz Photography

When I research websites, I'm always impressed when the portraits are consistent in background, cropping and lighting. I have done so many website portraits for corporations and institutions. They get more traffic and business improves. I photographed the daughters of the president of this company and the mom gave the dad my contact information and I photographed all 14 employees. 7W4A0315bwCR copy7W4A0348bwCR copy 7W4A0059bwCR copy

Bar Mitzvah Photography at Temple Emanu-El of New York by Nina Drapacz Photography

TRIEDtried4tried2tried3tried6I arrived at the home of this lovely family for portraits before the ceremony. Two years earlier I photographed their oldest daughter for her Bat Mitzvah. I suggested photographing the actual service which wasn't an option for their daughter and they agreed if the temple agreed. Surprising to the family private services were allowed to be photographed. What a gorgeous synagogue, what a gorgeous family!

Senior Portraits by Nina Drapacz Photography

wel3welslaw4lawfleg3fleg2fish3 chaw2I have been photographing many of these seniors since they were babies! The all important yearbook personal page- make it special with a portrait thats says who you are! Book now for yearbook deadlines.