Outdoor Winter Photography...its not too cold! Nina Drapacz Photography

Its been seasonally warm this winter, so far. This family reunion was after Christmas and the weather was perfect for this Harlem outdoor photoshoot! The family was so much fun, some visiting from Australia. Laden with multi outfit changes for the cousins and tons of interchangeable bright hats, we were set for the fun! 

Among The Last Summer Sessions in Bridgehampton by Nina Drapacz

This session was one of three, the first of the day and it was sweltering in the sun! The finale was the entire family, minus the dog, jumping on the trampoline together! They each took turns doing tricks, I chose this image because the mom literally finished doing a flip! Needless to say I was impressed! 

Harlem Photography by Nina Drapacz Photography

I met the most gorgeous toddler! He is a  professional model his mom told me. Harlem is a wonderful neighborhood with so much character and this was toddler

sam sam2 sam3 sam4 sam5 sam6such a gorgeous family. This little one was on the go constantly! Even after 4 outfit changes!!!