Baptism Photography Upper East Side by Nina Drapacz Photography

I find the visual aspect of a baptism so compelling. This little one didn't let out a peep, she was amazing! Whether she was anointed with oil or the priest splashed her with holy water, she was calm and happy. And what a head of hair! Mom was busy fixing her hair after the dunk to get it back to its initial bounce!

Communion at the Boathouse in Central Park. Nina Drapacz Photography

Many years ago I photographed Bridgette and her classmates at her nursery school. A year later her mom contacted me to do communion portraits of her eldest daughter. The bright red tulips on Park Ave were in full bloom, creating the perfect backdrop. A few years later I was contacted to photograph Bridget for her communion. The tulips were wilted but the Loeb Boathouse Lakeside was another ideal setting! Water, some boats even a turtle appeared in the water! Yes, found some red flowers to match her sister's portraits as well! The last image is Bridgette on her sister's communion day.

Communion with Celebration at Gramercy Park Hotel by Nina Drapacz Photography

This beautiful girl really enjoyed her communion celebration after the ceremony! Gorgeous!lop lop2 lop3 lop4 lop5 lop6