Personal Branding of Jane D'Arensbourg Jewelry Designer. Nina Drapacz Photography

I went to a studio sale in Brooklyn for MONDAYS, wonderful organic formed ceramics, and stumbled into the studio of Jane D’Arensbourg. I was dazzled by her huge aray of handmade unique jewelry. Left with some rings and returned a few weeks later to photograph the artist in her studio working.

Corporate Website Headshots made Fun by Nina Drapacz Photography

Its a day everyone dreads, portrait day like in school! Once I was done, they couldn't wait for me to return to take more! I did two looks, one classic studio and the other a bit more current or cutting edge. They chose both! For different purposes and each person now owns a two perfect retouched portraits to use for social media as well! 

The important part of photographing in a corporate environment is being quick and efficient. Give direction on positioning and tell them where to look. It is also beneficial to have a decent sense of humor, especially when the other co workers are observing and teasing!



In the world of internet, visual presentation is critical. A great headshot can create an element of trust. A polished portrait speaks volumes for business websites, social media and personal branding. Do not hesitate to make the time and financial commitment as the LinkedIn profiles with great picture are viewed many more times. An attractive image that portrays strength and confidence is the definition of a successful headshot. The portrait can be used not only for websites and LinkedIn, but Facebook business pages, leaving comments on blogs, etc...  

Trust a professional photographer as she or he knows what to do, the tilt of the head, the flattering angles of the light and most importantly what to elicit from the subject. Creating a sense of ease and working collaboratively is the secret. In this shoot with the doctor for her new website we had four different looks to be used for different purposes. 


Magazine Portrait Photography for ASRT by Nina Drapacz Photography

When I was approached to shoot the cover of the magazine, ASRT Scanner, a medical periodical, I was thrilled to be chosen. The assignment involved photographing a radiation therapist, who was being recognized for his 25 years of experience, in an actual radiation room at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.  I brought the entire studio to MSK and set up. In walks Charles, his contagious smile and bow tie instantly put me at ease! When the lighting and angle were perfect we began and continued with several other background settings.  A person who works with photo sessions from MSK was there to assist me and surprised me by taking her own photos of our session! It was a great photo shoot and I look forward to more.

Personal Branding, Corporate and or Social Media Portraits... Nina Drapacz Photography

Image is everything so don't settle for anything less than perfection! A very fortuitous beginning, this strong ambitious woman was on my bus to Washington DC to march. As a successful business woman she expressed a need for a new portrait for LinkedIn as the current one was a random phone image. 

She arrived prepared with several changes for a variety of looks upon my recommendation. Nervous at first, the strongest images were midway to end. We stopped frequently to go over images and tweak expressions until she found exactly what she wanted to portray for her competitive goals.

After the shoot I uploaded the images, over 500, and we whittled them down to the best- 72! We made three categories with these chosen images, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media and lastly, a sweet one for mom! She came in for a single perfect image and left with 6 for all different purposes, success!

Holiday Party Photography for Personal or Office Celebrations! Nina Drapacz Photography

Whether you are having a holiday party for friends and family or an office party, let us take some of the pressure off your event. We will cover all the stages of your party from the decor to the best portraits of your guests and everything in between! Relive the party and share high-res downloadable images with guests, employees, and family in a musical slideshow the next day.

Personal Branding Headshots by Nina Drapacz

This mom never ages! She's stunning! I have photographed Erica and her beautiful family for years. She contacted me for a new headshot for an upcoming talk show position which is very exciting! We used her own environment and natural soft window light. Of course we needed hubby and her babies, Ricky and Lucy, to make the session complete!

When Image is Everything, Go for the Best! Professional Headshots by Nina Drapacz

In the age of the Smartphone, one may be hard pressed to "splurge" on a professional image for work websites, social media, corporate images, LinkedIn , singles websites..... A professional image that captures personality and concentrates on looking great can be the key to success in reaching your goals. Its well worth it. Professional photographers not only know the secret to good lighting, they have a trained eye to look beyond the smile to represent who you are at your best!ross ross2 ross3

Corporate Portraits for Business Websites. Nina Drapacz Photography

Websites images are so crucial for all kinds of businesses. From photography to hedge funds. Strong portraits speak volumes. Consistent images make the website streamline and current. The investment in professional photographs is well worth it.  north2eandy IMG_0405ey blog2 north

The All Important Yearbook Page! Nina Drapacz Photography

I had a great time working with this handsome and intelligent senior. He knew exactly what he wanted and chose the best images to represent who he is for the yearbook. High school yearbooks are books we keep forever and refer to many times to see ourselves and our friends from that time in our lives. It is the transitional time between childhood and adulthood. When I was in high school we had no choice but to use an image taken by the "school photographer." Usually it was the same kind of pose for everyone and absolutely said nothing about who we were. Seniors now have a choice!vad vad2 vad3

Behind Every Successful Business is a Great Image! Make Your Website and Profile Photographs Outstanding with Nina Drapacz Photography

Image is everything! Update your profile image for LinkedIn, make your business website stand out with polished  photographs of all employees or consider an eye catching look for personal branding... Visuals are crucial to success in our media laden world and the best place to start is the perfect portrait! copy

risa law5 fish10 7W4A0172hz copy phil2



Headshots for Websites New York City by Nina Drapacz Photography

I photograph this gorgeous family each summer. The mom is a nutritionalist who is launching her own business and needed some head shots and some images that relate to her business for the website. I couldn't resist photographing the beautiful girls while I was there. Her apartment had such wonderful window light!7W4A0055retmet met2 met3 met4 met5 met6 met7

South Hampton Family Photography by Nina Drapacz Photography

Its still FREEZING! I am more than ready for a wonderful summer in the Hamptons photographing tons of gorgeous families! Kudos to this family for encouraging me to show my creative side. Such a fun photo shoot!7W4A02077W4A0428 7W4A02438x10 copy 7W4A022011x14 copy

Corporate Portraits for Websites by Nina Drapacz Photography

When I research websites, I'm always impressed when the portraits are consistent in background, cropping and lighting. I have done so many website portraits for corporations and institutions. They get more traffic and business improves. I photographed the daughters of the president of this company and the mom gave the dad my contact information and I photographed all 14 employees. 7W4A0315bwCR copy7W4A0348bwCR copy 7W4A0059bwCR copy

Bar Mitzvah Photography at Temple Emanu-El of New York by Nina Drapacz Photography

TRIEDtried4tried2tried3tried6I arrived at the home of this lovely family for portraits before the ceremony. Two years earlier I photographed their oldest daughter for her Bat Mitzvah. I suggested photographing the actual service which wasn't an option for their daughter and they agreed if the temple agreed. Surprising to the family private services were allowed to be photographed. What a gorgeous synagogue, what a gorgeous family!

Winter Photography in NYC by Nina Drapacz Photography

It was freezing and raining and all I had was a camera and reflector as this photo session was scheduled for outdoors in Carl Schurz Park. The light was falling but somehow I was able to capture this beautiful family on their dining room table, the window behind me in natural window light mixed with indoor ambient light. seal seal seal

Double Mitzvah, twins by Nina Drapacz Photography

hal2 hal3 haleTwo stunning red heads no less! We did the temple photographs a week after the ceremony when everyone was nice and relaxed. Earlier we did a portraits for posters to sign at the party. All pictures were timed perfectly when there was no stress for the family or the photographer! Whew!

Harlem Photography by Nina Drapacz Photography

I met the most gorgeous toddler! He is a  professional model his mom told me. Harlem is a wonderful neighborhood with so much character and this was toddler

sam sam2 sam3 sam4 sam5 sam6such a gorgeous family. This little one was on the go constantly! Even after 4 outfit changes!!!

Senior Portraits by Nina Drapacz Photography

wel3welslaw4lawfleg3fleg2fish3 chaw2I have been photographing many of these seniors since they were babies! The all important yearbook personal page- make it special with a portrait thats says who you are! Book now for yearbook deadlines.

Holiday Mini Sessions for Nina Drapacz Photography on Plum

ONE DAY only! Nov 15th 9-3:30 at Carl Schurz Park. East End Ave at 86th St. at the parkemm4berg brooks