The Metropolitan Museum makes a Perfect Backdrop for these Brothers! Nina Drapacz Photography

When the mom asked to meet her in front of Central Park, we were losing light. We had 15 minutes to take photographs before the light was gone. Hence we didn't have a chance to go behind the museum, but in fact made a great discovery on this crowded late afternoon! What better a backdrop for the perfect holiday card, two happy boys and an iconic fountain!boysLowen jake jake2

End of the Summer Hamptons Shoot by Nina Drapacz Photography

Last week of August and the last minutes of warm glowing sunlight..tweens are the best! They love to be photographed!  This young grandmother was a lovely lively addition to this perfect photo shoot!git git2 git3 git

South Hampton Family Photography by Nina Drapacz Photography

Its still FREEZING! I am more than ready for a wonderful summer in the Hamptons photographing tons of gorgeous families! Kudos to this family for encouraging me to show my creative side. Such a fun photo shoot!7W4A02077W4A0428 7W4A02438x10 copy 7W4A022011x14 copy

Winter Photography in NYC by Nina Drapacz Photography

It was freezing and raining and all I had was a camera and reflector as this photo session was scheduled for outdoors in Carl Schurz Park. The light was falling but somehow I was able to capture this beautiful family on their dining room table, the window behind me in natural window light mixed with indoor ambient light. seal seal seal

Tween Photography by Nina Drapacz Photography

hoch 7W4A0273blu helf hoch kag3 sev3kag2 seigel2 weitzTweens are the years right before teens, so about 9 to 12 years. Its a time in a child life that marks the last of the innocence and the impatience to independence. Many of the tweens I photograph are children I had been photographing since they were babies. I had the pleasure of seeing them grow up which is special.

Sibling Photo Shoot in NYC Park by Nina Drapacz Photography

Sisters! Two little beauties met me at Carl Schurz with their wonderful parents. I love the light between 5-6pm. Its low and soft.7W4A00397W4A0059 copy7W4A0187 copy

Family Reunion Central Park NYC by Nina Drapacz Photography

During the holidays families fly in from all over to celebrate. This family came together for Passover, all 17 7W4A0009b 7W4A0127b 7W4A0140b 7W4A0182b 7W4A0211b 7W4A0322blogof them and I got a call from the proud grandmother to document. Cousins, aunts and uncles who haven't seen each other for many months were thrilled to see each other! During some of these images I captured, I wondered what was going on behind my to provoke such laughter! Rumor has it some of the uncles were making silly faces and bunny ears above my head....