A Baptism in Greenwich Village with Relatives from Around the World. Nina Drapacz Photography

The mom had found me from a recommendation on Facebook. When I arrived early at the Church of St. Josepth in Greenwich Village I met the baby's grandfather. He told me the guests were arriving from around the world that day for this special ceremony. One daughter was arriving from Australia, he and his wife came in from India, another daughter from London, relatives from the mom's side were coming from San Francisco etc. 

Needless to say the pressure was on to document this special event in the baby's life surrounded by tons of loving relatives. 

Baptism Photography Upper East Side by Nina Drapacz Photography

I find the visual aspect of a baptism so compelling. This little one didn't let out a peep, she was amazing! Whether she was anointed with oil or the priest splashed her with holy water, she was calm and happy. And what a head of hair! Mom was busy fixing her hair after the dunk to get it back to its initial bounce!