Ten Going on Fifteen Fashion Shoot Birthday Celebration. Nina Drapacz Photography

When did 10 become the new 15? I came to photograph this small gathering of cousins celebrating a tenth birthday. The goal was fashion images of each girl. We started inside but we ended up outdoors - mid February and the birthday girl had on shorts! We were all surprised by the unusual weather that afternoon but no one was disappointed. Plenty of great backdrops.

Children's Birthday Party at Amorino, a Primo Gelato Shop! Nina Drapacz Photography

What's better than an ice cream party for six year old twin girls?  A gelato party! It surpassed even the best ice cream party as it was at one of the best gelato shops in NYC, Amorino. The gelato is imported directly from Italy - it doesn't get better! Imagine a fresh made waffle cone with more than three insane flavors made into a flower and topped with a macaron- then imagine an unlimited supply of these cones plus thick homemade hot chocolate!!!

A dance party followed by an awesome acapella group singing their favorite songs apres the hot chocolate and gelato.....

Magic Show At Twin's Birthday Party in Tuxedo, N.Y. during a Snowstorm! Nina Drapacz Photography

The drive upstate was tame but as the guests arrived, so did the snow. The amazing birthday party for adorable twin girls continued for three hours as the storm grew more intense. The predictions were 15 inches and the house was way up on top of a slippery mountain. After a 3 hour knuckle drive home, I uploaded these amazing images and sent to the parents and girls to enjoy on their day off of school the next day!  

Korean First Birthday By Nina Drapacz Photography

It is customary in Korea, when a baby turns one, to be placed on a mat with several objects  : This part of the celebration is called Doljabi. Book (scholar), Money (wealth), Rice (abundance) Brushes (artist) Ball (athlete) String (long life) are set at the end of the mat and the baby crawls to one of these objects. The one they choose first, is believed to be their future.

Guests place bets and enter a raffle for a prize. Phoebe chose the book! The future professor was pleased with her choice! Her brother two years earlier chose the $100 bill!

Spa Birthday Party! Nina Drapacz Photography

Down to every detail, this party was unique and lots of fun, and a real "kodak" moment! All the 7 year old girls entering the spa party were given pink robes, slippers, a spa menu, a drink and a hot towel and cream!

They entered the main main spa are and were given a choice of a facial (chocolate flavored masks and cucumbers), a massage, pedicure, manicure, hair services and make up! A DJ was playing great tunes in the background and it culminated to a shopping spree of lip gloss, flip flops, rings, candy and more replete with gift credit cards.