Engagement Photo Shoot In East Hampton! Nina Drapacz Photography

With the New York Times photo deadline approaching....weekends of terrible weather drove the session indoors to my studio. Always planning for an outdoor engagement session, East Hampton made sense as the bride, my future daughter in law, spent almost every summer there since she was small. Since Paddy, the family's adorable golden doodle, isn't invited to walk down the isle, we needed him in these engagement images. Yes, snacks were involved for this pooch as seen in his profile after devouring his biscuit...

Next the beach, which at 8:30 am was too bright so the parking lot served as the backdrop here. 


It Was Meant to Be. Engagement Photography by Nina Drapacz Photography

They met when she was a student and he the professor many years ago. There was an instant intellectual connection. Keeping in touch over the years she would visit his family and, on occasion, babysit for his children. With the passing of his wife he reached out and she was there. Life events brought them full circle. Without wasting time, he proposed. Some of the images were captured at Convent of The Sacred Heart where she went to elementary school many years before they met. It was meant to be.














Central Park Wedding Photography A Year Later. Nina Drapacz Photography

My good friend Michael's fiance recommended my photography to her good friends visiting from Germany. They were married a year ago, but this was their honeymoon.  I met them at the entrance to the park, her in a wedding gown, him in a stylish outfit. We were ready to explore east to west of the park, one of us in heels!

I found myself discovering new areas to photograph along the way. How the bride literally hiked, climbed rocks and walked miles in the heels, I dont know! A beautiful couple so in love! I left smiling the rest of the day!