Fall Photoshoot with Active Twin Brothers. Nina Drapacz Photography

I began photographing these two when they were just 2 years old and now they are applying to schools for kindergarten! They had a great time so I kept going to almost 6:45 when the sun was setting! Lolly pops of course, were my specail treats for them and function well as an "incentive".

Not Just Twins but Identical Twins in the North Fork! Nina Drapacz Photography

These beautiful little sisters had the best clothes! We had plans for at least 7 outfit changes but the girls allowed just 4 or 5. We had to choose wisely...I could have kept taking photographs all day, there was so much beauty and many special moments. Identical twins have a symbiotic bond like no other twins. My goal was to capture it! I especially love the image where one discovered her sister hidden in the bushes and it looked as if she was looking in the mirror at herself.


Magic Show At Twin's Birthday Party in Tuxedo, N.Y. during a Snowstorm! Nina Drapacz Photography

The drive upstate was tame but as the guests arrived, so did the snow. The amazing birthday party for adorable twin girls continued for three hours as the storm grew more intense. The predictions were 15 inches and the house was way up on top of a slippery mountain. After a 3 hour knuckle drive home, I uploaded these amazing images and sent to the parents and girls to enjoy on their day off of school the next day!  

Valentine's Day is Approaching! Family Portraits by Nina Drapacz Photography

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Identical Twins! Rare and as Most Toddlers are, "Raring To Go!" Nina Drapacz Photography

These one year old adorable identical twins were a true and rare treat! Age one marks the transition to toddler from baby. Toddler stems from "to toddle" and these little ones were on the go as soon as they were released from the stroller. It took me about 15 minutes to distinguish one from the other, while they share the same faces their personalties were different. 

Pet and Twin Portraits by Nina Drapacz Photography

Pets are an integral part of the family, many times, the "first child". While the session can be more challenging with pets, it is by far worth the challenge! The animals sometimes become the stars of the photo shoots.....This small series were taken over two years in Tuxedo, New York.

Twins Photography up in Tuxedo, New York by Nina Drapacz Photography

Finally a day with little humidity. The twins, whom I have photographed since they were babies, were almost ready to go when I arrived. They just needed a quick outfit change, a puppy on a leash and a few jokes......The setting was spectacular to say the least, the girls were beaming with joy- my job was to freeze these beautiful moments for posterity. 

Identical Twins by Nina Drapacz Photography

I have been photographing children and adults for over 23 years and have photographed quite a number of twins of all ages. Identical twins arecough2 cough cough3 rare. There is a different twin bond with identical twins, almost like they know what each other is thinking. It phenomenal!

Family Photography in Tuxedo, New York by Nina Drapacz Photography

It was the end of the summer and swelteringly hot. These gorgeous twin sisters came out one at a time from their new home, which was under construction. Each emerged with the most beautiful dresses, very fashion forward from their grandma, a dress designer. The property was breathtaking! I was happily mah3gopip2 pip6 gopip3 gopip pip2 pips gogoverwhelmed with the girls, the location and their stunning dog!

Twins in Tuxedo NY by Nina Drapacz Photography

I have been photographing these twins for a couple of years in the West Village in NYC and now in their home in the country. Their stunning dog was in all his glory as were the girls in this gorgeous country setting!mah mah2 mah4 mah5 mah mah2 mah3 meh4mah5