Newborn Twins 48 Hours Old by Nina Drapacz Photography

A beautiful set of twins ready to go home - what a treat! They were both a good size. The boy was the crier, the girl, the calmer of the two. It fascinates me how they still mimic the way they grew inside their mom, the way they nuzzle.

Needless to say she will have her hands full! 

Two Loving Big Brothers Bonding with a Baby Sister after Birth. Nina Drapacz Photography

More from "Under 48 Hours" The family had another photographer the day before but the baby was too fussy..It was check out day so I had to work quickly..  I came straight to the room which was too dark and small and took the family out to the hall where there was space and beautiful window light.

Two big brothers were goofing around so I had to wrangle them in while the baby was being "topped off" with an additional feeding. I worked with them and they loved the attention, so when the baby was ready, so were they. The boys rose to the occasion and couldn't be more amazing!