Beautiful chubby little dolls! Newborns through one year olds are constantly changing with each day. Personalities are developing as they grow and mature with their loving and nurturing families. We provoke a range of expressions from merely a facial gesture, a sound or a favorite toy. We often recruit the a parent to help behind the camera as they know their babies best!

Capturing those precious belly laughs, wide- eyed inquisitive looks and intense knitted eyebrows is the beginning of creating a lifetime of memories.


Jill Rapaport Glist  -President at Lambent Services

"LOVE NINA!!! I had portraits of each of my sons done on their 1st birthdays because that's the day the world looks the biggest to them -- they have enough perceptive ability to see how much is around them but not enough to organize it all into the little boxes that limit older people. 

Those photos are amongst my most precious possessions because Nina captured their entire beings by her focus on professional portraiture, the individual subject. She combines precision with the relaxed setting that children need with a deep love of her subject matter. Highly recommend."

Joyce Magruder  -Advertiser Insights Director at Turner Broadcasting

Nina did an amazing job with our children's baby photo year after year. The photos are beautiful and timeless and she really captured each child's personality -- which isn't easy with babies -- but Nina could do it!