It Was Meant to Be. Engagement Photography by Nina Drapacz Photography

They met when she was a student and he the professor many years ago. There was an instant intellectual connection. Keeping in touch over the years she would visit his family and, on occasion, babysit for his children. With the passing of his wife he reached out and she was there. Life events brought them full circle. Without wasting time, he proposed. Some of the images were captured at Convent of The Sacred Heart where she went to elementary school many years before they met. It was meant to be.














Central Park, After School and After a Cup of Grom. Nina Drapacz Photography

Baby number two, two years old and very serious. The only trick that worked for a fleeting smile was the Dad toss. I photographed this little one in his mom's belly, as a newborn and now a toddler with his handsome older brother. The shoot came after they both consumed Grom strawberry gelato, thank goodness for photoshop! Evidence erased!

Communion at the Boathouse in Central Park. Nina Drapacz Photography

Many years ago I photographed Bridgette and her classmates at her nursery school. A year later her mom contacted me to do communion portraits of her eldest daughter. The bright red tulips on Park Ave were in full bloom, creating the perfect backdrop. A few years later I was contacted to photograph Bridget for her communion. The tulips were wilted but the Loeb Boathouse Lakeside was another ideal setting! Water, some boats even a turtle appeared in the water! Yes, found some red flowers to match her sister's portraits as well! The last image is Bridgette on her sister's communion day.

Central Park Wedding Photography A Year Later. Nina Drapacz Photography

My good friend Michael's fiance recommended my photography to her good friends visiting from Germany. They were married a year ago, but this was their honeymoon.  I met them at the entrance to the park, her in a wedding gown, him in a stylish outfit. We were ready to explore east to west of the park, one of us in heels!

I found myself discovering new areas to photograph along the way. How the bride literally hiked, climbed rocks and walked miles in the heels, I dont know! A beautiful couple so in love! I left smiling the rest of the day!


What Happened to Spring? Portraits with Tulips on a Nice Day in NYC by Nina Drapacz

It felt like an August day this past Saturday! Lucky as its cold again and this gorgeous little toddler had to wear this fab dress sans sweater! A late walker, the mom contacted me as soon as she started to set up a shoot with her brother, whom you may recognize in many of my galleries...

Her brother chose a beautiful dandelion for his mom, and one for his sister. He enjoyed her reaction.

Magazine Portrait Photography for ASRT by Nina Drapacz Photography

When I was approached to shoot the cover of the magazine, ASRT Scanner, a medical periodical, I was thrilled to be chosen. The assignment involved photographing a radiation therapist, who was being recognized for his 25 years of experience, in an actual radiation room at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.  I brought the entire studio to MSK and set up. In walks Charles, his contagious smile and bow tie instantly put me at ease! When the lighting and angle were perfect we began and continued with several other background settings.  A person who works with photo sessions from MSK was there to assist me and surprised me by taking her own photos of our session! It was a great photo shoot and I look forward to more.

Early Spring Sweet 16 Portraits in Central Park. Nina Drapacz Photography

The forecast was cloudy with on and off rain starting at 2 pm. We set the time for noon to avoid the rain and the family was a bit delayed, arriving at 1:30..... Tensions were high and the weather took a turn for the better just for the time we needed! I was able to capture these images of this beautiful teenager in the most exquisite vintage gown with an iconic backdrop with perfect lighting! Success! Happy Sweet 16!

Magic Show At Twin's Birthday Party in Tuxedo, N.Y. during a Snowstorm! Nina Drapacz Photography

The drive upstate was tame but as the guests arrived, so did the snow. The amazing birthday party for adorable twin girls continued for three hours as the storm grew more intense. The predictions were 15 inches and the house was way up on top of a slippery mountain. After a 3 hour knuckle drive home, I uploaded these amazing images and sent to the parents and girls to enjoy on their day off of school the next day!  

Mitzvah Photography Manhattan, Westchester, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Nina Drapacz Photography

No stone left unturned. I arrived at the family home at 7 am sharp and began documenting... from Mom helping with the tie to the dog watching as he slipped into his shoes. Then on to the synagogue. It was pouring and dark. We did all the traditional images as well as some behind the scenes before the service. Next, the most extraordinary kiddish we have ever photographed! 

The evening events left myself and my team speechless. Every detail was perfect and many were "over the top!!!" One of the best mitzvahs!

Personal Branding, Corporate and or Social Media Portraits... Nina Drapacz Photography

Image is everything so don't settle for anything less than perfection! A very fortuitous beginning, this strong ambitious woman was on my bus to Washington DC to march. As a successful business woman she expressed a need for a new portrait for LinkedIn as the current one was a random phone image. 

She arrived prepared with several changes for a variety of looks upon my recommendation. Nervous at first, the strongest images were midway to end. We stopped frequently to go over images and tweak expressions until she found exactly what she wanted to portray for her competitive goals.

After the shoot I uploaded the images, over 500, and we whittled them down to the best- 72! We made three categories with these chosen images, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media and lastly, a sweet one for mom! She came in for a single perfect image and left with 6 for all different purposes, success!

Valentine's Day is Approaching! Family Portraits by Nina Drapacz Photography

Professional fine art photographs are a fun and a perfect way to say "I Love You!" for someone special. It makes a wonderful surprise as framed prints or a wrapped gift certificate to be used at a later date with an expiration of one year. Book now or buy a certificate for later!  917.972.1788

Newborn Photography by Nina Drapacz Photography

She was just days old, we all expected this beautiful little baby to sleep the entire shoot.....there was no way! She was alert and thoroughly enjoyed being photographed! Her older fur sister had a good time licking peanut butter off her head as we pretended it was intentional loving licks.

Identical Twins! Rare and as Most Toddlers are, "Raring To Go!" Nina Drapacz Photography

These one year old adorable identical twins were a true and rare treat! Age one marks the transition to toddler from baby. Toddler stems from "to toddle" and these little ones were on the go as soon as they were released from the stroller. It took me about 15 minutes to distinguish one from the other, while they share the same faces their personalties were different. 

Outdoor Winter Photography...its not too cold! Nina Drapacz Photography

Its been seasonally warm this winter, so far. This family reunion was after Christmas and the weather was perfect for this Harlem outdoor photoshoot! The family was so much fun, some visiting from Australia. Laden with multi outfit changes for the cousins and tons of interchangeable bright hats, we were set for the fun! 

Maternity Portraits Can Be Beautiful! Nina Drapacz Photography

Women glow during pregnancy! Many women are so self conscious about their changing bodies but this an important time for professional photographs to celebrate the belly! Of course future siblings play an important role and assume the shoot is for them, but with a little coaxing....everyone gets camera time!

Pet and Twin Portraits by Nina Drapacz Photography

Pets are an integral part of the family, many times, the "first child". While the session can be more challenging with pets, it is by far worth the challenge! The animals sometimes become the stars of the photo shoots.....This small series were taken over two years in Tuxedo, New York.

Holiday Party Photography for Personal or Office Celebrations! Nina Drapacz Photography

Whether you are having a holiday party for friends and family or an office party, let us take some of the pressure off your event. We will cover all the stages of your party from the decor to the best portraits of your guests and everything in between! Relive the party and share high-res downloadable images with guests, employees, and family in a musical slideshow the next day.

Probably getting close to the last of the color, Fall Photography. Nina Drapacz

Some solace by weeks end. With all the shock of the week, it was comforting to experience nature in NYC as its finest. 

Korean First Birthday By Nina Drapacz Photography

It is customary in Korea, when a baby turns one, to be placed on a mat with several objects  : This part of the celebration is called Doljabi. Book (scholar), Money (wealth), Rice (abundance) Brushes (artist) Ball (athlete) String (long life) are set at the end of the mat and the baby crawls to one of these objects. The one they choose first, is believed to be their future.

Guests place bets and enter a raffle for a prize. Phoebe chose the book! The future professor was pleased with her choice! Her brother two years earlier chose the $100 bill!

Summer in the Hamptons by Nina Drapacz Photography

Still need to finish blogging about my summer shoots- tons of fall images soon! These images show the warm glow of the late afternoon / early evening summer sun. The girls had a blast! Next summer I need to convince the parents to join in!