Wedding Photography at The New York Botanical Garden by Nina Drapacz Photography

The bride requested the rose garden, but with the weather colder than usual the roses weren’t ready so we went to the Azalea Garden which was magical! The New York Botanical Garden is 250 acres and they provided a guide and golf cart to take us to different locations. It was a breath taking experience and a pleasure to work with this amazing couple in such a setting!

Ten Going on Fifteen Fashion Shoot Birthday Celebration. Nina Drapacz Photography

When did 10 become the new 15? I came to photograph this small gathering of cousins celebrating a tenth birthday. The goal was fashion images of each girl. We started inside but we ended up outdoors - mid February and the birthday girl had on shorts! We were all surprised by the unusual weather that afternoon but no one was disappointed. Plenty of great backdrops.

Central Park Photo Seesion. Nina Drapacz Photography

One of the last warm days of winter. (yes, no jackets or sweaters and this was December!) Three beautiful children traveled in from Westchester for the yearly photo session. The red pants were a perfect choice with the greenery of Central Park. I love the "pop" of color!


Never too Late in Fall for A Hampton Session. Nina Drapacz Photography

It started as a rainy day and continued to rain and got harder by the hour as I drove out. The family had this one window of time to do the holiday shoot, having postponed due to weather several times. Not know what to expect or where to photograph in the rain since their house was under construction, I was panicked! Just as I pulled into the driveway, the rain stopped. The parents dropped the kids off and said they would be back in an hour. 

Not know when the rain would return, we started taking photos immediately and even made it to the beach a ways away. Just as we felt a drop of water we started running towards the house. The rain had begun AND the photo was complete! Yay! I was excited to capture these images and thankful for the even light. My first November taking images in the Hamptons. It was quiet and so pleasant!


Website Portraits for Village Obstetrics. Nina Drapacz Photography

I've been photographing these amazing obstetricians for over a decade. Each year they change their website photos to keep current. We all have such a great time and each year we try a different location. This year the office and Mt. Sinai inside and out plus a favorite coffee cart. The practice is like a big happy family! 



Swinging Above a Lake in September in Tuxedo, NY. Nina Drapacz Photography

This past Saturday was not warm enough to swim, especially in a huge lake! When we went to the dock to take pictures, the dad put the boys on a swing above the lake. Needless to say the boys stayed dry holding on tight and I was able to make amazing images with "natural" smiles! A win win situation.

Central Park Wedding Photography A Year Later. Nina Drapacz Photography

My good friend Michael's fiance recommended my photography to her good friends visiting from Germany. They were married a year ago, but this was their honeymoon.  I met them at the entrance to the park, her in a wedding gown, him in a stylish outfit. We were ready to explore east to west of the park, one of us in heels!

I found myself discovering new areas to photograph along the way. How the bride literally hiked, climbed rocks and walked miles in the heels, I dont know! A beautiful couple so in love! I left smiling the rest of the day!


What Happened to Spring? Portraits with Tulips on a Nice Day in NYC by Nina Drapacz

It felt like an August day this past Saturday! Lucky as its cold again and this gorgeous little toddler had to wear this fab dress sans sweater! A late walker, the mom contacted me as soon as she started to set up a shoot with her brother, whom you may recognize in many of my galleries...

Her brother chose a beautiful dandelion for his mom, and one for his sister. He enjoyed her reaction.

Magic Show At Twin's Birthday Party in Tuxedo, N.Y. during a Snowstorm! Nina Drapacz Photography

The drive upstate was tame but as the guests arrived, so did the snow. The amazing birthday party for adorable twin girls continued for three hours as the storm grew more intense. The predictions were 15 inches and the house was way up on top of a slippery mountain. After a 3 hour knuckle drive home, I uploaded these amazing images and sent to the parents and girls to enjoy on their day off of school the next day!  

Identical Twins! Rare and as Most Toddlers are, "Raring To Go!" Nina Drapacz Photography

These one year old adorable identical twins were a true and rare treat! Age one marks the transition to toddler from baby. Toddler stems from "to toddle" and these little ones were on the go as soon as they were released from the stroller. It took me about 15 minutes to distinguish one from the other, while they share the same faces their personalties were different. 

Probably getting close to the last of the color, Fall Photography. Nina Drapacz

Some solace by weeks end. With all the shock of the week, it was comforting to experience nature in NYC as its finest. 

End of Summer Beach Shoots. Nina Drapacz Photography

I recommend squeezing the last drops of golden light available when it comes to beach shoots. This family started inside and when we got to the beach, just steps away, we had about 10 minutes. This being said, once the sun set, there was a lovely soft dusk that set in, shadowless and wonderful!

These images show how much fun these sibs were having!

Write here...

Dunewood, Fire Island by Nina Drapacz Photography

I've photographed in the Hamptons all summer and finally got the chance to photograph a family in Fire Island! Its a completely different scene there. No cars, just simply wagons and bikes with a tiny grocery store and a single restaurant in the adjacent town. Super rustic and very cozy! The real beauty for children is the independence they get from being able to go places safely without parents hovering....

These children, my seventh year photographing them, were never this excited! I heard from each one all about their treks alone to the next town on their bikes! And what would a beach experience be like without a newly captured hermit crab?!

Twins Photography up in Tuxedo, New York by Nina Drapacz Photography

Finally a day with little humidity. The twins, whom I have photographed since they were babies, were almost ready to go when I arrived. They just needed a quick outfit change, a puppy on a leash and a few jokes......The setting was spectacular to say the least, the girls were beaming with joy- my job was to freeze these beautiful moments for posterity. 

Spring Has Sprung So Schedule Sessions Soon! Tulips and Cherry Blossoms! Nina Drapacz Photography

Now is the time, the cherry blossoms are luscious for about another 10 days and those bright colorful tulips have limited time ....Outdoor backdrops are at their all time beauty!

The Metropolitan Museum makes a Perfect Backdrop for these Brothers! Nina Drapacz Photography

When the mom asked to meet her in front of Central Park, we were losing light. We had 15 minutes to take photographs before the light was gone. Hence we didn't have a chance to go behind the museum, but in fact made a great discovery on this crowded late afternoon! What better a backdrop for the perfect holiday card, two happy boys and an iconic fountain!boysLowen jake jake2

House Call and More Newborn Images....Nina Drapacz Photography

I found a few more favorites from this newborn session as I was meeting with the mom to go through the images together. House calls are an integral part of the process. When I post galleries of over 300 images to choose from its much easier to narrow down the best when I swing by with my laptop loaded with Adobe Photoshop. This program allows us to place similar images side by side to compare details as well as toggle back and forth in Camera Raw with a magnification tool to see minute family2 7W4A0324 newborn3 siblingsO

When Image is Everything, Go for the Best! Professional Headshots by Nina Drapacz

In the age of the Smartphone, one may be hard pressed to "splurge" on a professional image for work websites, social media, corporate images, LinkedIn , singles websites..... A professional image that captures personality and concentrates on looking great can be the key to success in reaching your goals. Its well worth it. Professional photographers not only know the secret to good lighting, they have a trained eye to look beyond the smile to represent who you are at your best!ross ross2 ross3

Two boys, Fall Photography 2015. Nina Drapacz Photography

The older brother was cold, the baby wasn't. Fall fun photo shoot at Carl Schurz Park again!boys boysoutside