What Happened to Spring? Portraits with Tulips on a Nice Day in NYC by Nina Drapacz

It felt like an August day this past Saturday! Lucky as its cold again and this gorgeous little toddler had to wear this fab dress sans sweater! A late walker, the mom contacted me as soon as she started to set up a shoot with her brother, whom you may recognize in many of my galleries...

Her brother chose a beautiful dandelion for his mom, and one for his sister. He enjoyed her reaction.

A Beautiful Girl and My Favorite Park ....Nina Drapacz Photography

I head of blond curls pulled back in a pony tail and a full of energy! I photographed this beautiful girl as a baby who was full of giggles which hasn't changed at all. We started out with flawless knees and ended with skinned knees and an elbow! She managed to make a complete recovery and smile and laugh as much as when we started.olive2oliveoliveolive5olive3olive4olive7 What a great role model for other kids and a pleasure to work with!