Newborn Photography at Home and Cozy. Nina Drapacz Photography

The look of joy on a mom's face as she looks at her new baby and look of curiously on a toddler's face when he observes his new baby sister . We were able to capture lots of winning images, although we couldn't replicate the one of her brother on a black reflective table sleeping. She was awake the entire session as well as an additional session!! newborn newborn newbornbaby siblings siblings2

Early Winter Photography NYC by Nina Drapacz

Its hard to remember that we had 60 degree days in late December. Brrr.... I had the pleasure of meeting this wonderful family a week before Christmas. Such a relaxed and fun photo shoot, we took pictures until it was dark!kind kind2 kind

Fall Photography with an Amazing Girl. Nina Drapacz Photography

She and her mom came with a small suitcase of clothing- all perfect choices! She was such a delight. She was excited to be photographed, which is a gift to a photographer. Her energetic fun personality allowed me to capture wonderful moments throughout the entire shoot.dan7 dan8 dan dan2 dan3 dan4 dan6

Corporate Portraits for Business Websites. Nina Drapacz Photography

Websites images are so crucial for all kinds of businesses. From photography to hedge funds. Strong portraits speak volumes. Consistent images make the website streamline and current. The investment in professional photographs is well worth it.  north2eandy IMG_0405ey blog2 north

The All Important Yearbook Page! Nina Drapacz Photography

I had a great time working with this handsome and intelligent senior. He knew exactly what he wanted and chose the best images to represent who he is for the yearbook. High school yearbooks are books we keep forever and refer to many times to see ourselves and our friends from that time in our lives. It is the transitional time between childhood and adulthood. When I was in high school we had no choice but to use an image taken by the "school photographer." Usually it was the same kind of pose for everyone and absolutely said nothing about who we were. Seniors now have a choice!vad vad2 vad3

Dreaming of Summer Again. Bridgehampton by Nina Drapacz

I first photographed these sisters at the BSTC camp the previous year. I had the special privilege of photographing them this summer on their own turf. Loved the woodsy setting!schiff schif schiff schiff2schiff3

Gorgeous girl, gorgeous horse! Photography in Watermill, NY by Nina Drapacz

The day before braces and the last chance for portraits for awhile. The horse stepped on her toe about a half an hour into the shoot. Session over too quickly but luckily I captured these beautiful memories of a summer of riding!href="">gen gen2 gen3

A Beautiful Girl and My Favorite Park ....Nina Drapacz Photography

I head of blond curls pulled back in a pony tail and a full of energy! I photographed this beautiful girl as a baby who was full of giggles which hasn't changed at all. We started out with flawless knees and ended with skinned knees and an elbow! She managed to make a complete recovery and smile and laugh as much as when we started.olive2oliveoliveolive5olive3olive4olive7 What a great role model for other kids and a pleasure to work with!

Four Tweens and a Perfect Day for a Pool Session in Connecticut by Nina Drapacz Photography

Two sets of twin  tween siblings! My eighth year photographing them. I love seeing them each year, the oldest twins are just about my height now. Next year they will be taller and I will be standing on a step stool! jumpcha gra kat le

Brilliant Red Hair and Late Light, A True Match. Fine Art Photography by Nina Drapacz

The marriage of the perfect subject and the perfect setting can be magical! This was a wonderful collaboration between subject and artist. Its marks the beginning of my forage back into my roots as a fine art photographer.7W4A0024S 7W4A0021S7W4A0108S





Park Photo Shoot in New York City by Nina Drapacz Photography

My favorite park, Carl Schurz, has so many wonderful backdrops for children, families and head shots. A few changes of clothes and several choice backgrounds can shel shel1 shel3provide a wide variety of images from a  single photo session.

Maternity Photography in the studio by Nina Drapacz Photography

A couple of years ago I had photographed this glowing mom with her beautiful little baby boy and now here she is with her glorious baby belly! Pregnancy is best captured in the 7th and 8th month. Women literally glow - they are gorgeous!z00 z003 zoo2 zoo5 zoo6 zoo7

Outdoor Children's Photography in New York City by Nina Drapacz Photography

Its summertime is a great time for late afternoon portraits. The sun is low and beautifully soft between 5 and 6pm. Children always have fun on my photo shoots!moli moli2 moli

Identical Twins by Nina Drapacz Photography

I have been photographing children and adults for over 23 years and have photographed quite a number of twins of all ages. Identical twins arecough2 cough cough3 rare. There is a different twin bond with identical twins, almost like they know what each other is thinking. It phenomenal!

South Hampton Family Photography by Nina Drapacz Photography

Its still FREEZING! I am more than ready for a wonderful summer in the Hamptons photographing tons of gorgeous families! Kudos to this family for encouraging me to show my creative side. Such a fun photo shoot!7W4A02077W4A0428 7W4A02438x10 copy 7W4A022011x14 copy

Winter Photography in NYC by Nina Drapacz Photography

It was freezing and raining and all I had was a camera and reflector as this photo session was scheduled for outdoors in Carl Schurz Park. The light was falling but somehow I was able to capture this beautiful family on their dining room table, the window behind me in natural window light mixed with indoor ambient light. seal seal seal