Not Just Twins but Identical Twins in the North Fork! Nina Drapacz Photography

These beautiful little sisters had the best clothes! We had plans for at least 7 outfit changes but the girls allowed just 4 or 5. We had to choose wisely...I could have kept taking photographs all day, there was so much beauty and many special moments. Identical twins have a symbiotic bond like no other twins. My goal was to capture it! I especially love the image where one discovered her sister hidden in the bushes and it looked as if she was looking in the mirror at herself.


Central Park, After School and After a Cup of Grom. Nina Drapacz Photography

Baby number two, two years old and very serious. The only trick that worked for a fleeting smile was the Dad toss. I photographed this little one in his mom's belly, as a newborn and now a toddler with his handsome older brother. The shoot came after they both consumed Grom strawberry gelato, thank goodness for photoshop! Evidence erased!

What Happened to Spring? Portraits with Tulips on a Nice Day in NYC by Nina Drapacz

It felt like an August day this past Saturday! Lucky as its cold again and this gorgeous little toddler had to wear this fab dress sans sweater! A late walker, the mom contacted me as soon as she started to set up a shoot with her brother, whom you may recognize in many of my galleries...

Her brother chose a beautiful dandelion for his mom, and one for his sister. He enjoyed her reaction.