Capturing a Bris While Trying Not To Look! Nina Drapacz Photography

Covering all aspects of the bris, from the preparation, the service, the delicious food and schmoozing I avoided photographing the actual procedure -thanks to the mohel, whew!

Bat Mitzvah in Scarsdale, New York by Nina Drapacz Photography

While I have photographed many birthday parties at the Sunningdale Country Club in Westchester, this was the first Bat Mitzvah I had done there. The room for the ceremony was perfectly set up and the space was wonderful for this kind of celebration! It was a cold rainy day and eventually the sun came out affording me the chance to photograph both indoors and outdoors. It was special to be able to photograph the actual ceremony with available light.gab gab2 gab3 gab4 gab5 gab6