Newborn Photography on the Upper West Side. Nina Drapacz Photography

I have been photographing this new big brother since he was 4 months old. The way he stared in amazement at his baby sister, just a week old, when she was placed in his lap! Priceless! A new baby and a winner Halloween costume, life is good!phoeb3phoebbwphoebbwphoeb2bwphoebphoeb5ccphoeb3

Tween Sibs on a Summer Night at the Beach Nina Drapacz Photography

The very end of August around started with awesome warm orange light then a magical sky after the sunset. The girls could have kept going all night! Tweens are great! While the parents were under the impression that the light would not be as good this late, it happens to be the BEST light.kib kib2 kibkib4

Photo Shoots on Location in NYC by Nina Drapacz Photography

I photographed this family both inside and outside. Both have different advantages. Outdoors the scenery is beautiful and placing children and families in nature can be creative depending on location and sunlight. Indoors offers a level of comfort. Children  are familiar with their surroundings and moms can change their clothing easily during the course if the session. Their is also the wonderful natural window light that can light up a face so softly...mul mul mul2 mul3

Siblings Enjoying a Sunny Day Upper East Side NYC by NIna Drapacz Photography

The first child arrived with his Mom and loved to be photographed and especially enjoyed my jokes! About 20 minutes later this handsome boy's toddler sister comes with Dad, a complete clone of him! She was eager7W4A0006 7W4A0167 7W4A0086 7W4A0162 7W4A01637W4A0099 to get out of her stroller and go, go go!