In the world of internet, visual presentation is critical. A great headshot can create an element of trust. A polished portrait speaks volumes for business websites, social media and personal branding. Do not hesitate to make the time and financial commitment as the LinkedIn profiles with great picture are viewed many more times. An attractive image that portrays strength and confidence is the definition of a successful headshot. The portrait can be used not only for websites and LinkedIn, but Facebook business pages, leaving comments on blogs, etc...  

Trust a professional photographer as she or he knows what to do, the tilt of the head, the flattering angles of the light and most importantly what to elicit from the subject. Creating a sense of ease and working collaboratively is the secret. In this shoot with the doctor for her new website we had four different looks to be used for different purposes. 


Behind Every Successful Business is a Great Image! Make Your Website and Profile Photographs Outstanding with Nina Drapacz Photography

Image is everything! Update your profile image for LinkedIn, make your business website stand out with polished  photographs of all employees or consider an eye catching look for personal branding... Visuals are crucial to success in our media laden world and the best place to start is the perfect portrait! copy

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Park Photo Shoot in New York City by Nina Drapacz Photography

My favorite park, Carl Schurz, has so many wonderful backdrops for children, families and head shots. A few changes of clothes and several choice backgrounds can shel shel1 shel3provide a wide variety of images from a  single photo session.

New York City Cherry Blossoms Have Popped! Mini Sessions by Nina Drapacz Photography

The cherry blossoms are here after a VERY long winter. They last about 10 days so hurry and book a half hour mini session soon. This gorgeous boy was thrilled to shed his coat and explore! He was a dream to photograph!lee lee5 lee3 lee7 lee2 lee lee8 lee4

Headshots for Websites New York City by Nina Drapacz Photography

I photograph this gorgeous family each summer. The mom is a nutritionalist who is launching her own business and needed some head shots and some images that relate to her business for the website. I couldn't resist photographing the beautiful girls while I was there. Her apartment had such wonderful window light!7W4A0055retmet met2 met3 met4 met5 met6 met7

Winter Photography in NYC by Nina Drapacz Photography

It was freezing and raining and all I had was a camera and reflector as this photo session was scheduled for outdoors in Carl Schurz Park. The light was falling but somehow I was able to capture this beautiful family on their dining room table, the window behind me in natural window light mixed with indoor ambient light. seal seal seal

Photo Shoots on Location in NYC by Nina Drapacz Photography

I photographed this family both inside and outside. Both have different advantages. Outdoors the scenery is beautiful and placing children and families in nature can be creative depending on location and sunlight. Indoors offers a level of comfort. Children  are familiar with their surroundings and moms can change their clothing easily during the course if the session. Their is also the wonderful natural window light that can light up a face so softly...mul mul mul2 mul3

Tween Photography by Nina Drapacz Photography

hoch 7W4A0273blu helf hoch kag3 sev3kag2 seigel2 weitzTweens are the years right before teens, so about 9 to 12 years. Its a time in a child life that marks the last of the innocence and the impatience to independence. Many of the tweens I photograph are children I had been photographing since they were babies. I had the pleasure of seeing them grow up which is special.

Beautiful Sisters in Watermill, NY by Nina Drapacz Photography

It was the perfect time of day when the sun is low and golden. Two gorgeous girls who I have photographedend14 eng1 eng4 eng8 eng10 eng12 eng15 eng eng6 eng9 eng3 for a few years greeting me at the door, the rest is history! A fun photo shoot for the girls, the parents and me! I had a hard time choosing my favorites for this blog - I don't know how their parents will choose the images for their holiday and wall!