In the world of internet, visual presentation is critical. A great headshot can create an element of trust. A polished portrait speaks volumes for business websites, social media and personal branding. Do not hesitate to make the time and financial commitment as the LinkedIn profiles with great picture are viewed many more times. An attractive image that portrays strength and confidence is the definition of a successful headshot. The portrait can be used not only for websites and LinkedIn, but Facebook business pages, leaving comments on blogs, etc...  

Trust a professional photographer as she or he knows what to do, the tilt of the head, the flattering angles of the light and most importantly what to elicit from the subject. Creating a sense of ease and working collaboratively is the secret. In this shoot with the doctor for her new website we had four different looks to be used for different purposes. 


House Call and More Newborn Images....Nina Drapacz Photography

I found a few more favorites from this newborn session as I was meeting with the mom to go through the images together. House calls are an integral part of the process. When I post galleries of over 300 images to choose from its much easier to narrow down the best when I swing by with my laptop loaded with Adobe Photoshop. This program allows us to place similar images side by side to compare details as well as toggle back and forth in Camera Raw with a magnification tool to see minute family2 7W4A0324 newborn3 siblingsO

Newborn Photography at Home and Cozy. Nina Drapacz Photography

The look of joy on a mom's face as she looks at her new baby and look of curiously on a toddler's face when he observes his new baby sister . We were able to capture lots of winning images, although we couldn't replicate the one of her brother on a black reflective table sleeping. She was awake the entire session as well as an additional session!! newborn newborn newbornbaby siblings siblings2

Behind Every Successful Business is a Great Image! Make Your Website and Profile Photographs Outstanding with Nina Drapacz Photography

Image is everything! Update your profile image for LinkedIn, make your business website stand out with polished  photographs of all employees or consider an eye catching look for personal branding... Visuals are crucial to success in our media laden world and the best place to start is the perfect portrait! copy

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Winter Photography in NYC by Nina Drapacz Photography

It was freezing and raining and all I had was a camera and reflector as this photo session was scheduled for outdoors in Carl Schurz Park. The light was falling but somehow I was able to capture this beautiful family on their dining room table, the window behind me in natural window light mixed with indoor ambient light. seal seal seal

Snowy Day and Indoor Photography by Nina Drapacz Photography

In 22 years I've never forgotten to show up for a photo shoot until this snowy day. The mom emailed me to say the girls were excited and what time I would be there....luckily they lived around the block! I ran over as fast as I could and was greeted by two adorable amazing sisters! The light was fading fast so when I saw the shiny silver reflective table I immediately started using it. It provided just the perfect pop of light.col colcol2 col

Senior Portraits by Nina Drapacz Photography

wel3welslaw4lawfleg3fleg2fish3 chaw2I have been photographing many of these seniors since they were babies! The all important yearbook personal page- make it special with a portrait thats says who you are! Book now for yearbook deadlines.

Siblings Enjoying a Sunny Day Upper East Side NYC by NIna Drapacz Photography

The first child arrived with his Mom and loved to be photographed and especially enjoyed my jokes! About 20 minutes later this handsome boy's toddler sister comes with Dad, a complete clone of him! She was eager7W4A0006 7W4A0167 7W4A0086 7W4A0162 7W4A01637W4A0099 to get out of her stroller and go, go go!