Fun Fall Photography by Nina Drapacz

I love seeing the dynamics of siblings. These two brothers were great! Whatever and however silly the older brother was being the little one, just three, tried to emulate even if it meant climbing to the highest rock!leon leon2 leon Leon2 leon4 leon5 leon6

Maternity Photography in the studio by Nina Drapacz Photography

A couple of years ago I had photographed this glowing mom with her beautiful little baby boy and now here she is with her glorious baby belly! Pregnancy is best captured in the 7th and 8th month. Women literally glow - they are gorgeous!z00 z003 zoo2 zoo5 zoo6 zoo7

Twin Photography in the Studio by Nina Drapacz Photography

This family won my services from a school donation. The mom is well known in the media world and needed head shots for these beautiful babies. I was thrilled to meet them at the door! Gorgeous little 3 month twins! I love the black velvet for photographing babies, its so dramatic and the subjects really pop! hilltwinshill3hill

Westside girl comes to the upper east side for a fun photo shoot with Nina Drapacz Photography!

Her mom picked her up from school and came straight to the park. It was unseasonably warm, luckily, and she had a blast! Apparently this is her first formal photo shoot. Seven is a wonderful age! Between jumping on a thin stairwell banister, doing back bends and hugging agirl jumping girl outdoors girl with tree very very2 tree to name a few stints, she didn't want to our session to end. The perfect subject!

Newborn Photography by Nina Drapacz Photography

The family was moving out of their home in days and I expected chaos in the apartment, but instead I was greeted by a calm and beautiful mom and newborn...siblings arrived after camp. We took advantage of the big white bed and the wonderful window light. Just minutes to work with the baby before he woke up. He was so alert throughout the entire photo shoot at only a mere week old!7W4A0014 7W4A0102 mof mol3

Sibling Photo Shoot in NYC Park by Nina Drapacz Photography

Sisters! Two little beauties met me at Carl Schurz with their wonderful parents. I love the light between 5-6pm. Its low and soft.7W4A00397W4A0059 copy7W4A0187 copy

Siblings Enjoying a Sunny Day Upper East Side NYC by NIna Drapacz Photography

The first child arrived with his Mom and loved to be photographed and especially enjoyed my jokes! About 20 minutes later this handsome boy's toddler sister comes with Dad, a complete clone of him! She was eager7W4A0006 7W4A0167 7W4A0086 7W4A0162 7W4A01637W4A0099 to get out of her stroller and go, go go!

Family Reunion Central Park NYC by Nina Drapacz Photography

During the holidays families fly in from all over to celebrate. This family came together for Passover, all 17 7W4A0009b 7W4A0127b 7W4A0140b 7W4A0182b 7W4A0211b 7W4A0322blogof them and I got a call from the proud grandmother to document. Cousins, aunts and uncles who haven't seen each other for many months were thrilled to see each other! During some of these images I captured, I wondered what was going on behind my to provoke such laughter! Rumor has it some of the uncles were making silly faces and bunny ears above my head....