Siblings and a Outdoor Space in a NYC Apartment Building by Nina Drapacz Photography

lowen lowne4 lowen3The LAST warm day this winter! I was able to squeeze this shoot in in December. It was over 60 degrees! It started out rough, light was fading and big brother wasn't thrilled sharing the spotlight with his baby brother. With lots of patience and persistence, a success!

Holiday Mini Sessions for Nina Drapacz Photography on Plum

ONE DAY only! Nov 15th 9-3:30 at Carl Schurz Park. East End Ave at 86th St. at the parkemm4berg brooks

Westside girl comes to the upper east side for a fun photo shoot with Nina Drapacz Photography!

Her mom picked her up from school and came straight to the park. It was unseasonably warm, luckily, and she had a blast! Apparently this is her first formal photo shoot. Seven is a wonderful age! Between jumping on a thin stairwell banister, doing back bends and hugging agirl jumping girl outdoors girl with tree very very2 tree to name a few stints, she didn't want to our session to end. The perfect subject!

Toddler Photography Upper East Side, NYC by Nina Drapacz photography

My second year with this family. The baby, now a toddler was able to run around and boy did he run! The wonderful thing about late afternoon light, we could go anywhere without fear of bright sunlight, perfect for a trailing a two year old on the go!newb newb2

Tween Photography by Nina Drapacz Photography

hoch 7W4A0273blu helf hoch kag3 sev3kag2 seigel2 weitzTweens are the years right before teens, so about 9 to 12 years. Its a time in a child life that marks the last of the innocence and the impatience to independence. Many of the tweens I photograph are children I had been photographing since they were babies. I had the pleasure of seeing them grow up which is special.

Twins in Tuxedo NY by Nina Drapacz Photography

I have been photographing these twins for a couple of years in the West Village in NYC and now in their home in the country. Their stunning dog was in all his glory as were the girls in this gorgeous country setting!mah mah2 mah4 mah5 mah mah2 mah3 meh4mah5

Beautiful Sisters in Watermill, NY by Nina Drapacz Photography

It was the perfect time of day when the sun is low and golden. Two gorgeous girls who I have photographedend14 eng1 eng4 eng8 eng10 eng12 eng15 eng eng6 eng9 eng3 for a few years greeting me at the door, the rest is history! A fun photo shoot for the girls, the parents and me! I had a hard time choosing my favorites for this blog - I don't know how their parents will choose the images for their holiday and wall!

Newborn Indoor Photography in New York City by Nina Drapacz

As I was listening to a grandmother's anticipation of the impending birth of her first grandchild, in comes her neighbor with a gorgeous newborn girl -what a beautiful little baby! I had just my phone on me, no business cards I thought but luckily I had one card tucked inside my phone case and viola- newborn baby

gart2 gart4 cart I had the opportunity to photograph this little gem the next day! She slept for just a few minutes, but enough time to capture exactly what her parents and I wanted!

I love photographing babies and children who live in the same building- so easy to commute to work!